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PARCEL EMAIL SCAM- Email Claims Parcel Cannot Be Delivered

USA Today reports that an email going around claiming that a package on the way to your house cannot be delivered may be a phishing scam that could install malware or ransomware onto your computer.

One security company notes that is has seen a significant increase in fake package email alerts in November.

Common subject lines include:

· We could not deliver your parcel, #00556030

· Please Confirm Your DHL Shipment

· Problems with item delivery, n.000834069

· Delivery Receipt | Confirm Awb no:XXX830169

· Your order is ready to be delivered

· Courier was unable to deliver the parcel, ID00990381

· Your DHL isher please download attachment to view detail and confirmation of your address

USA Today points out that phishing emails want you to trust it and then follow its instructions which are usually to click on a link or open an attachment.

The emails may install malware that allows your computer to be used by a botnet that spreads itself or be used in a nefarious endeavor such as a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. It could also install ransomware that locks up your files by encrypting them, making them inaccessible to you until you pay a ransom for the key to unlock them.

To avoid becoming a victim, take the following steps for all your incoming email:

· Carefully check for your full name, customer number. Is it as a delivery company has it in your account information?

· Are you expecting a delivery by this company? Does the package delivery number match an actual delivery number that you are expecting?

· Check the email address from the sender. Is it a legitimate address, or a fake address?

· If there is a link to click on, hover your cursor over it without clicking. This will show the address of the link. Does the address match what you would expect? Will it really take you to a web site that the email says it will?

Unfortunately, scammers try to take advantage of the holidays and the buying frenzy during this time of year. Be careful whenever you are looking at your email.

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This information is from Steve Moller: http://ssnoccrimewatch.blogspot.com/

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