The Architectural Control Committee exists to advise the Board of Directors and homeowners on all matters pertaining to the architectural improvements, repair or improvement of homeowners lots, including house paint colors, roof replacements, building of fences, decks and sheds, and landscaping and lawn improvements/maintenance. The intent behind this is to maintain the high standards of our GWP community and maximize our property values over the long term. All standards and processes for the committee are located in our bylaws, CCR's and Rules and Regulations

The Architectural Committee is always looking for volunteers to help out and spread the load. We are actively seeking a new chairman for this committee. The time commitment is minimal and the only skill required is a desire to improve our community. If you are interested, please contact us and let us know your interests.

All changes to the exterior of your home must be submitted in writing for approval. Remember this is a volunteer committee so please be patient and give us plenty of time for this review.

Painting and Roof Replacement Requirements

  • House painting - it's that time for some of us to give our homes a new coat of paint. In order to expedite the approval for exterior paint color requests and provide better guidance to homeowners, the Green Wood Park Homeowners' Association has adopted a Preferred Color Swatchbook for Greenwood Park along with a Paint Application Form. The intent behind the Swatchbook is to provide a large selection of complementary siding and trim color combinations while ensuring a reasonable amount of consistency throughout our community. Custom colors not in the Swatchbook may be proposed and will be reviewed by the Committee on an individual basis. We have Swatchbooks available to loan to homeowners who are considering painting their homes. To have one dropped off at your home or to ask any questions, contact the Architectural Control Committee. Homeowners are still required to paint a 2' X 2' section of both the siding and trim color on their home for review by the Committee. Please allow at least two weeks for the review/approval process to complete.
  • Any roof replacements must also be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. The Board has approved specific guidelines and materials for roof replacements. See those posted here. If you plan to re-roof your home, please submit this Roofing Application Form along with a photocopy of your contractor's work order which confirms the roofing material your contractor will be using (you can black out pricing or other sensitive information you wish). Again, allow up to two weeks for review and approval of your roofing application.


Please click here to contact us by email or click here to access the Homeowners Contact Form. We will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.